UTP Cable

UTP Cable

Selling the best price UTP cable from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy UTP cable at the latest price that serves to connect a computer with other computers through a network device. In addition, the function of this cable is also used to connect computers to other network devices such as routers and switches. As the name implies Unshield Twisted Pair, this cable is equipped with 8 colorful cables arranged in turns to form 4 pairs of cables. The coil, serves to reduce induction and leakage in the cable because the cable itself is not protected by aluminum protectors.

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Types of UTP Cables

Some types of UTP cables that you need to know about include:

1. Straight-through cable

This cable is usually used to connect two different devices, for example between a router and a hub or computer to a switch, even a computer to a hub. Well, this type of cable has the same arrangement of rules between one end of the connector with the other.

2. Cross-over cable

For this type of cable, the arrangement rules are different between each end of the connector. Typically, this type of UTP cable is used to connect the same two devices as a computer with a computer, a switch with a switch, a hub with a hub.

3. Roll-over cable

The last is called a roll-over cable. This type has a rule of arrangement inverted between one end of the connector with one another. In general, this cable is used to connect two different network devices but one that has a console, for example a switch with a printer or a switch with a projector, and so on.

How to Install UTP Cable on RJ-45 Connector

1. Make sure all the cables have been peeled edges about 2-3 cm.

2. Arrange the cables in accordance with the correct installation instructions, can be seen below:

  • Pin 1: White-Orange
  • Pin 2: Orange
  • Pin 3: White-Green
  • Pin 4: Blue
  • Pin 5: White-Blue
  • Pin 6: Green
  • Pin 7: White-Brown
  • Pin 8: Chocolate

3. Then cut the cable approximately 1.5 cm with crimping pliers.

4. Make sure the cut end of the cable is neat, then insert it into the RJ-45 connector.

5. After all is right, the last step is to check the cable using a LAN cable tester to ensure the cable can be connected properly.

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