HDMI cable

HDMI cable

Selling HDMI cables at the best prices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy HDMI cables at the latest prices that work for digital data on systems connect all digital audio or video sources, such as Blu-ray Disc Player, Video Game Console, PC, television digital single cable, computer monitor , and so on. Even though there are many types of cables used on computer devices, you cannot underestimate the use of this one cable. An HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable is a standard tool used on HD (high resolution) visual or audio devices and is also a standard to be used as an interface.

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Excess HDMI Cables

Compared to several other types of cable, such as coaxial cable , composite video, S videos, video components, VGA cables, and so on. Besides being able to connect to many other devices, this USB HDMI cable also has several advantages, including the following.

1. Data transfer speeds on HDMI cables are fairly fast. Using HDMI technology, you can transfer data at speeds up to 5GB / sec. This makes the quality of the resulting file better.

2. Using a single cable consisting of 19 cables wrapped in a single cable.

3. HDMI does not use signal compression because it works digitally.

Type of HDMI Cable

Besides having many advantages, HDMI cable is also divided into several types, including micro HDMI mini cable and also full size HDMI. Usually this type of micro cable is used on devices, such as tablet PCs, smartphones, or gadgets. As for the type of full size, commonly used on DVD players, laptops, PCs, televisions, and so on.

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