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VGA Cable

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Kabel Vga Vention Male To Male 3 Meter
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What is VGA Cable

Selling VGA cable best prices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy VGA cables at the latest prices designed to transmit analog video signals. This cable can transmit 16 colors in the form of images or video to the display on the monitor. Although it has been replaced by DVI and HDMI cables, VGA cables are still widely sought after because they are considered the most compatible with a variety of computers. In terms of price, this type of cable is also considered cheaper and does not require special maintenance so it is more efficient. Get the best deals from a variety of reliable VGA cable suppliers throughout Indonesia.

Price Kabel VGA 50M ONE - VG50 Rp 1,549,550
Price Kabel VGA 3M ONE - VG3 Rp 108,108
Price Kabel VGA 1.5M ONE - VG1.5 Rp 90,090
Price Kabel VGA 30M ONE - VG30 Rp 720,721
Price Kabel VGA 15M ONE - VG15 Rp 306,306
Price Kabel VGA 10M ONE - VG10 Rp 252,252
Price Kabel VGA 40M ONE - VG40 Rp 1,207,207
Price Kabel VGA 20M ONE - VG20 Rp 423,423
Price Kabel VGA 25M ONE - VG25 Rp 540,541
Price Kabel VGA 5M ONE - VG5 Rp 148,649

VGA Cable Function

  1. Translate computer output to the monitor
  2. Changes the analog signal on the computer to produce a graphical display on the monitor screen
  3. Processes all graphics that will be displayed on the monitor
  4. Saving data from the hard drive
  5. Supply power to the processor to be processed

VGA and HDMI Cable Differences

Many people still mistake the VGA cable with the HDMI cable. Padalal, both have different functions and specifications that are not the same. Here are the differences between the two:

  1. VGA can only support video extensions, while HDMI can support video and audio extensions
  2. The average HDMI price is higher compared to VGA
  3. Data sent and received by VGA uses analog mode, while HDMI uses data that is already digital
  4. The VGA connector is a DE-15 connector consisting of 15 pins while HDMI has several types of receptacles as type A, C, and D, which have 19 pins. There is a type B on HDMI which also has 29 pins
  5. VGA connector is bigger than HDMI. That is why, VGA slots are not available in small devices such as cellphones and tables.

How to Select a VGA Cable

  1. Choose a VGA product that has a socket that matches your computer's motherboard slot
  2. Choose a VGA card with high core memory speed for a more satisfying graphics quality
  3. Consider the purpose, whether it will be used for gaming or 3D purposes
  4. Adjust it to the electric power at home. The higher the VGA quality, the greater the power consumption will be.