Audio and Video Cables

Audio and Video Cables

Selling the best audio and video cable prices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy Audio Video Player Cable with the latest prices that serve as a link between the monitor or TV with a DVD or VCD Player to play and display sound, images, text and video that comes from a USB Flashdisk or DVD and VCD cassettes. In one set this cable consists of cables of different colors red, yellow and white. For an explanation of the meaning of the color of the audio video cable, you can check in full in the explanation below.

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Color Meaning of Cables, Connectors, Audio Video Sockets or RCA Connectors

To maximize the use or installation of video or audio cables on your player and television devices, there are a number of things that you can pay attention to so that they are not incorrectly installed. Well, to find out the meaning of color in the connector, socket or cable you can see the following information:

1. White and Red Color Cable
The white color on the cable, connector or socket is used or serves as a link between the VCD / DVD Player to display audio Right (R) and Left (L) audio.

2. Yellow Wires
Cable, Socket or Connector in yellow means that it serves to display data in the form of text, images, photos or videos.

If one of the connectors or cable sockets is not connected properly or misplaced or misplaced, it will not be perfect for playing audio and video. So when you want to connect between the player and monitor or cable television it must be in the correct installation.

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