NYY Cable

NYY Cable

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NYY Cable Prices

Buy various sizes of the cheapest cable prices from the largest and most complete cable supplier or supplier in Indonesia by submitting a purchase request at the lowest price, namely wholesale or according to agreement. All prices you can bargain with the provisions of the seller in Indotrading.com. To get the cheapest price reference you can also directly see the price range below to directly compare either retail or wholesale prices.

Product Name Brands Price Range
NYY Power Cord 4 X 25 mm2 Jembo Rp. 138,900
4x50 Nyy Power Cord Supreme Rp. 255,000
3x1.5 100 meter Nyy Power Cable Supreme Rp. 905,000
Nyy Power Cable 3x2.5 / 3x2,5 X 50 M Eterna Rp. 680,000
Nyy 3x1.5 100 Meter Power Cable Extrana Rp. 1,395,000

NYY Power Cord for Safe Electrical Installation

In the world of electricity there are various types of electrical cables with various sizes, functions and also the benefits of each use. One type of cable used in the electricity world is the NYY power cable. Correct knowledge of the type of cable will be very good when applying cables in accordance with their uses and capacities. You may not arbitrarily choose the type of electrical cable that you are going to use, so that there is no wrong wiring and is not in accordance with the conditions of current capacity which actually causes unwanted things. Find the NYY power cable in Indotrading.com that sells NYY cables with good quality but very affordable prices. In addition, Indotrading.com is also trusted.

NYY Cable Specifications

  NYY cable is a cable that has more than one copper core with PVC insulation and there is a PVC sheath. This cable can be said to be an improvement from NYA and NYM cables. This cable
  suitable for use in electrical installations, such as underground or other outdoor places, but you must still provide special protection such as using pipes. This type of cable has this amount of copper 2,3 or 4 with a black PVC insulation layer. Insulator material for this type of cable has a construction that is stronger and stiffer because there is an additional sheath and made from anti-bite rodents such as mice. With the addition of this material, the cable has more strength than the cable with other types. The advantage of this cable is that it has a very high and safer resistance, and can be used by planting it underground. With the advantages possessed by these cables, it has a disadvantage, namely from the side of NYY cable prices which are far more expensive than other types of cables. But of course the quality produced is in accordance with the price.