Welding Cable

Welding Cable

Welding wires are used to conduct electrical current from the source of electricity to the welding machine or from the welding machine to the electrodes and the workpiece clamp. This current conductor cable is specially designed for welding, and must be able to carry a large electric current either from the welding machine to the electrode holder or to the workpiece clamp. Usually the core of the welding cable is made of copper wire which is spun, wrapped with insulators such as rubber, cloth, and reinforced with a fabric layer so that it is not easily broken and peeled. If you want to buy welding cables for business purposes, you can entrust it to Indotrading.com. Because, through our platform, you can find thousands of suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and importers of quality welding cables that are suitable to support your business.

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Types of Las Cables

There are two cables used during the welding process. The first is the primary cable and the second is called the secondary cable.

1. Primary Powe Cable

Primary cable is a cable that serves to connect the welding machine with a power source. The phase of the welding machine is different and the number of phases of the welding machine must be adjusted to the number of core wires contained in the primary cable plus one wire that serves as a connecting welding machine and the grounding period.

2. Secondary cable

Secondary cables or what are called welding cables are the cables used for the welding process. The secondary cable consists of two wires, each of which is connected by a workpiece holder and electrode pliers. These secondary cables must be easily bent or curled (not rigid). The cable used must be in accordance with the maximum current capacity of the welding machine. The longer the cable size or the smaller the cable diameter, the higher the resistance or resistance of the cable. And conversely, the cable resistance will be lower if the diameter of the cable is bigger and shorter. For binding the cable to the electrode clamp, mass clamp, or welding machine terminals, a cable shoe is attached to the end of the welding cable.

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