Copper Cable

Copper Cable

Selling the best price Copper Cable from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy Copper Cables with the latest prices that function for copper conductors and are usually used in the installation of electric power and control devices, because it is a cable that is good enough in conducting electricity, so it is usually called an installation cable. There are two types of copper cables, namely based on the conductor material, the function and arrangement of the insulation. The characteristics of copper cables are based on their delivery material: they are solid and veined, materials made of pure aluminum and mixed. The characteristics of copper cable functions and composition of insulation: for the purposes of residential electrical installations, electronic aircraft installations, power panels and distribution.

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Main Components of Copper Cables

To use a cable, you should first know the material used to make the cable arrangement. Do not choose wrong, because each type of cable has a layer that consists of various materials as described below:

1. Conductor is the material of the cable that is used to conduct electricity.

2. Insulator is a material used to isolate the part that conducts electricity or is called a conductor. This insulation material consists of various types of plastic and plastic materials such as PVC and the like.

3. The color of the cable, apart from the two insulators and conductors as above. The cable also has characteristics in the color section that have meanings that you should know too.

Type of Copper Cable

1. Type BCC1 / 2H or Half Hard Bare Cooper Conductor, which is: half hard copper conductor. This type of copper cable has a form of solid or veined with sizes between 6-500 mm.

2. Type BCCH or Hard Bare Cooper Conductor, which is: conductor of hard copper. This type of copper cable has many solid or veined shapes, with sizes between 6-500 mm.

3. Type AAC or All Aluminum Conductor, which is a pure aluminum conductor. This type of copper cable is heavily veined with sizes between 16-100 mm.

4. Type AAAC or All Aluminum Alloy Conductor, which is: aluminum alloy conductor. This type of tambaga cable has a size between 16-500 mm, with many physical shapes veined.

5. Type ACSR or Aluminum Reinvorced Stell Conductor, which is: aluminum base conductor. This type of copper cable has a size between 16 680 mm, with a structure in the form of fiber.

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