Patch Cord Cables

Patch Cord Cables

Selling Patch Cord Cables the best prices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy Patch Cord Cables with the latest prices function to connect between devices or to telecommunications connections. Patchcord cable or UTP cable functions to connect passive to active devices. For example connecting from a Wallplate or Faceplate to a computer, connecting from a Patch Panel to a Switch or Router, connecting from a Patch Panel to a Wallplate or Faceplate. Patch Cords on both ends have RJ45 Connectors and plugboots (safety connectors) that have been terminated from the factory through a test fluke. This type of cable functions the same speed as a solid UTP cable, some are Cat5e, Cat6 and even optical fiber.

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5 Recommended Patchcord Cables Types and Brands Best

Confused by the many cable choices you are looking for? If you are still confused about which choices are the most suitable and best brand for you, we now have several recommendations for cable specifications and brands that you can try to make recommendations for consumers or your company for the best cable network. Here are some recommended choices, there are five specifications below which are most appropriate.

1. Panduit NK6PC2MBUY (Price: Rp. 85,000)

2. D-Link Flat CAT6 10 m (Price: Rp. 147,000)

3. D-Link CAT5 2 m (Price: Rp. 30,500)

4. NETVIEL OM4 Multimode 50m (Price: Rp. 616,000)

5. AMP 5E UTP 6 B (Price: Rp. 132,000)

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