Lathe Machine

Lathe Machine

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Search for Prices of Mini / Small to Large Size Lathes

To find the price of a lathe you can easily find it simply by making a purchase request in Indotrading. Every request for a purchase includes the name of the goods, specifications, prices and images you send, so all suppliers, importers and distributors in Indotrading will offer goods according to the price you are looking for by providing more detailed details regarding the availability of goods, brands, specifications and the lowest price that can be compared directly with the offer of goods and prices from other sellers or sellers who reply to your purchase request. By procuring easy items in Indotrading, you can easily get all the needs of the goods without having to bother anymore to search one by one supplier manually by visiting and contacting one by one the seller, who of course will spend a very long time to just for the process of finding suppliers, they have not yet gotten the details of the items they want to buy

Buy the type of Lathe Machine based on its usefulness

Judging from the shape and usability of turning machines are divided into various types and models that can be classified according to size and shape. There are four models based on sizes that you can find from suppliers, distributors and importers in Indotrading. Each shape and size has the same use, namely cutting objects that are moved in circles to make incisions or certain pieces on iron plate , round bar iron and others used for making all kinds of mechanical items such as nuts and bolts , tooling equipment workshop, handyman and farm that can be determined by the operator. Before buying the machine you have to know the type or model based on its size, here are some models that are categorized based on the shape or size of the machine:

Type Usability
Mini / small lathe is a machine used to work on turning small workpieces such as keys, nuts and bolts.
Medium lathe This type is used for turning medium-sized tools or tools.
Standard lathe This model is one type of machine that is used to work on various large equipment such as iron bars / metal pieces.
Large lathe This large size machine is often used in large industrial fields in factories such as the manufacture of gears, gears and various other types.