Ice Maker

Ice Maker

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Ice making machine is a type of machine used to make various types of ice. Can be used to make ice cubes, ice cream depending on the type of ice-making machine. Based on its function there are many different types of ice making machines, namely block ice machines, ice flake machines, tube ice machines, ice cream making machines and others. Typically, ice making machines are used for businesses in restaurants, cafes, hotels, factories and others.

Block Ice Machine
Block Ice Machine
Flake Ice Machine
Flake Ice Machine
Ice Tube Machine
Ice Tube Machine
Ice Cube Machine
Ice Cube Machine
Ice Cream Machines
Ice Cream Machines

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Various Types of Ice Makers

The increasing amount of ice cube consumption in the community is known to be increasing. This is because with the spread of the food or cold beverage franchise business which is of course ice cubes is a staple that should not be missed. Like the sale of juice drinks, bubble tea, glass and others. Besides the rise of the restaurant business that uses ice cube to preserve food ingredients, is another factor why ice cube maker tools are needed. Well, if you are one of the businesses that require large amounts of ice cubes, let's first identify what types of machines to make the following ice cube:

  1. Snow Ice Maker

Snow ice maker is a machine used to make snow ice. The results of this machine create ice that is white, clean and smooth. Suitable for making juice, fruit ice or shaved ice.

      2. Ice Cube Machine

Unlike the first type, an ice cube machine is a machine that functions to make large-scale ice cubes in a short amount of time. Often this machine is used in restaurants and cafes.

     3. Flake Ice Maker

Next is the flake ice machine that functions to make ice cubes in smaller particles than the ice cube machine. Flake ice is usually used as a mixture of food or also to cool fish to keep it long.

     4. Tube Ice Machine

Finally is the tube ice machine, which is a machine that creates ice cubes with a shape like a crystal tube that has a hole in the middle. Just like other types of ice, tube ice can be used as a mixture of drinks and food.

Latest Price List of Ice Cube Making Machine

Brand / Type

Price Estimation

GF-24 type freezer machine

Rp 4,000,000

Beam Ice Machine Capacity 3 Tons

IDR 400,000,000

5 Ton Beam Ice Machine

IDR 490,000,000

Snow Ice Maker

IDR 16,000,000

Tube / Crystal Ice Machine

Rp 120,000,000

Tube / Crystal Ice Machine 3 Ton

IDR 390,000,000

Tube Ice Machine Capacity 500 Kg

Rp 110,000,000

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