Air Compressor

Air Compressor

Selling the best price air compressor from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy an air compressor with the latest price that serves to produce compressed air that is often used to fill tires for cars, motorcycles and other purposes, such as those used in workshops that are more often used to fill tires and spray dirty parts on motorcycles. Compressors are also often used in the painting industry which is used to pump paint mixtures that are in a spray gun. In addition there are still many functions of this machine which is certainly very helpful in project activities, workshops, carpentry and any industry.

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Recommended Types and Brands of the Best Wind Compressors

Want to know what are the best brands that are often used as mandatory workshop and industrial equipment. To see a variety of products with the best brands such as Shark and Swan which are widely used by various business lines. You can see several price ranges below or you can also directly request goods or prices to distributors and supplier compressor here to get the latest price updates.

1. Kenmaster xh-106 (Rp. 95,000)

2. Swan Type 1/4 HP Greenpower (Rp. 3,400,000)

3. Swan Type 1/2 HP Word (Rp. 3,800,000)

4. Lakoni Type Imola 75 3/4 HP (Rp. 800,000)

5. Shark 1/4 HP (Rp. 3,600,000)

Types of Air Compressors Based on How It Works

When viewed from the way it works, there are four types of machines that use different working systems to produce high-pressure air or wind, including those, such as the brief explanation below:

1. Direct Driven Is a type of engine that uses a piston and motor that has an average speed of more than 2000 rpm.

2. Screw Is one type of machine that does not use a piston, but uses a screw system to produce compressed air.

3. Mini / Portable Is a type of machine that is very small and does not use a tube like a large compressor in general, because air can be generated when the engine is turned on.

4. Belt Driven A type of engine that uses a gasoline engine or electric motor system to drive a piston that is rotated using a v belt.

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