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Cooling Machine

Cooling Machine

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Understanding the Definition of the Cooling Machine

A cooling machine is a series of tools that can work to produce cold temperatures. The types are freezers, refrigerators, and air conditioners. AC is categorized as a cooling machine but is more inclined to use in the room.

Cooling Machine Function

Cooling machines have different functions according to their uses. For this type of freezer and refrigerator functions as a food cooler. As for what can be cooled with freezers and refrigerators such as food, food ingredients, drinks, medicines and ice cubes.

While the AC cooler works to make the air in the room cool. These three types of coolers both have temperature regulation features so they can be used easily. In terms of use can also be operated in a long time. 

Cooling Machine Components

1. Compressors

The compressor is a tool in a cooling machine that works dynamically. For example, making an effort to suck accompanied by pumping refrigerant so that circulation or rotation occurs. A normal rotating refrigerant will help the cooling system remain stable.

2. Condenser

Condenser-shaped pipe network has a function as a condenser. The refrigerant that has been pumped by the compressor is compressed and flows into the condenser pipe . Refrigerant that has been condensed will become a liquid.   

3. Filter

Filter has a refrigrant filtering function so that it is always clean. The purpose of the filter is only as an addition, if not used it is also not a problem. Location of the filter after the condenser.

4. Evaporator

Evaporator is a pipe used for evaporation. Liquid substances coming from the condenser pipe will enter the evaporator into cold gas due to evaporation. Furthermore, cold gas from the evaporator flows into the compressor due to suction.

The suction pipe will connect the evaporator with the compressor. Its function is to drain the refrigerant back to the compressor.

5. Accumulator

The accumulator on the machine functions to filter gas from liquid form. So that the refrigerant is included in the compressor only in the form of gas because the compressor is for pumping gas only. This accumulator is also an additional component and is not required to be used.

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