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Press Machiene

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Press machine is a machine used to produce sheet metal goods using one or several press dies by placing sheet metal between the upper and lower dies. A press machine with a mechanical system will move the slide (ram) which is forwarded to the press dies and pushes sheet metal so that it can cut and form the sheet metal in accordance with the function of the press dies used. The accuracy of the product produced will depend on the quality of the press dies and sheet metal, the speed of production depends on the speed up and down from the slide (ram) of the press or often called the SPM stroke per minute.

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Types of Press Machines

Press machine is a machine that was created to make sheet metal, bending sheet metal with the desired angle shape. Press machines have 3 main parts namely the frame, ram and bed. The mechanical system of this machine works to drive the ram, then proceed to the press dies and push the sheet metal so that it can be formed and cut into the function of the press dies used. In general, press machines consist of 3 types of power namely manual, hydraulic and mechanical.

  1. Press Manual

This machine still relies on human power. Manual press machine has a steering wheel that can be driven by the operator to be able to raise and lower the piston. If you want to reduce the piston, then turn the steering wheel to the right, while to increase the piston turn the steering wheel to the left. Because it is manual, the use of this machine is still relatively inexpensive and inexpensive. However, this machine can only be applied to thin iron plates with a minimum thickness of 1mm to 2mm.

       2. Hydraulic Press

Unlike the type of manual, the type of hydraulic press is a machine that works relies on pascal legal theory that is utilizing the pressure applied to a special fluid to be able to press the plate. This machine has several components namely piston, cylinder, hydraulic pipe and others. In terms of durability, you could say this machine has a better power endurance system than an electric powered engine. The level of accuracy is also quite controlled, and the maintenance process is so easy.

      3. Mechanical Press

Mechanical types rely on the fly wheel system or are driven by an electro motor, then proceed to the crank shaft and slide up and down. Then to control the position utilizing a clutch and break system that relies on pneumatic power. The pneumatic system is used as a balancer and die cushion. For in Indonesia, mechanical press machines still rely on compressive strength only reaching 2500 tons.

Press Machine Price List Available in Indotrading

Brand / Type

Price Estimation

Manual Thread Press Machine

Rp 4,000,000

Press Casal Model Demolition Hammer

Rp 1,000,000

Hydraulic Bottle Plastic Press

IDR 40,000,000

Singer Esp2 Press Machine

IDR 3,000,000

Cardboard Hydrolic Press (Diesel)

IDR 50,000,000

Manual Cardboard and Bottle Press

IDR 16,000,000

Semi Automatic Hydrolic Press

IDR 200,000,000

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