Hydrant Box

Hydrant Box

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The hydrant box is one of the fire fighting equipment that serves to store hydrants and various other fire fighting equipment. Usually this box is placed on public buildings or buildings which are easily accessible and visible during a fire. There are several types of hydrant boxes based on the brand, model and specifications, which you can buy directly from the supplier, distributor or importer reliable in Indotrading.com.

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Know the Box Hydrant Functions and their Specifications

Hydrant box is known as a equipment that has a function of water storage from a hydrant network, where the box itself consists of 2 types namely outdoor and indoor. The two types are usually distinguished from the shape structure, namely there are 4 legs supporting the outdoor hydrant box while the indoor box has no legs at all (taped to the wall).

There are also several components that need to be prepared in the distribution of the hydrant box such as:

  •  Fire hose functions to deliver water from the hydrant network.
  •  The hydrant nozzle functions to direct the jet of water to the fire as the spearhead of the fire hose.
  •  Hydrant valve as a valve in and out of water from the hydrant network.
  • Hose rack to tidy up the fire hose which is shaped like a comb.

From each component it will be stored safely in the hydrant box for any time it can be used when an emergency situation occurs.

Tips for Caring for the Hydrant Box

You should have prepared a component for a quality hydrant box to achieve maximum performance when a fire hydrant system is used. In addition you need to make sure if the box is sufficiently resistant to various situations such as bad weather and corrosion. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure that the hydrant box that you have has passed the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) and international tests.

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