Fire Pump

Fire Pump

Buy cheap fire pump brands Ebara, Tohatsu, Honda and others from suppliers and distributors. Immediately buy the cheapest price of fire pump from various brands with the latest models that function to spray water with high pressure to extinguish the fire. Find hundreds of products from dozens of supplier and distributor companies and also the best and most complete fire pump engine importer. In accordance with its use, this type of pump is widely used by firefighters, so get this fire pump directly from the company in Indotrading by requesting to buy online in an easy and fast way because there are lots of newest products at competitive prices. Submit your purchase request now to get the best price for all your needs.

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Latest Hydrant Pump Prices in Indonesia

Looking for the cheapest fire pump prices from the best brands in Indonesia? You can immediately get the best prices from all the sellers in, besides that you can also reference prices before you buy the product. The following is the estimated price of pumps for fire fighting that you can find with the cheapest and the latest prices.

Fire Hydrant Pump type Estimated Price
Isuzu 90kw Diesel Hydrant Rp. 85,250,000
Nashikawa Fire Pump Rp. 6,300,000
Fire Pump Fgp 20 F Rp. 5,970,000
Honda Wb30jp Fire Extinguisher Rp. 9,100,000
Robotech High Presure Pump Fire Pump Rp. 5,200,000

Hydrant Pump Type / Fire Pump

There are several types of hydrant pumps that have different functions, there are three types of pumps, among others, as explained below. Determine which type of hydrant pump you want to buy from suppliers in

  • Electric Hydrant Pump, a type of pump used to send water to the reservoir to the hydrant system in a hydrant network.
  • Jockey Hydrant Pump, one type of fire extinguisher hydrant pump serves to stabilize the water pressure that will enter the hydrant system or water reservoir.
  • Diesel Hydrant Pump, this type of pump functions to replace the electric fire pump if the PLN power fails.

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There are several types of pumps for fire extinguishers, distinguished based on specifications and brands. You can get from several types of pumps for fires from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Now for more information about the specifications you want to get, you can directly submit a purchase request to all sellers in Indotrading if you want to get a variety of offers at the lowest wholesale prices. Then you can also directly order the product for business needs or the needs of companies or fire fighting projects with the brand that best suits what you are looking for.

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