Heat Detector

Heat Detector

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Protection of a building, especially for large and multi-storey buildings, must be through extra protection. The protection equipment needed should also be equipped, especially if you have several rooms that have a tendency to struggle with a different atmosphere, for example for places that tend to be hot, a Heat Detector is needed with a certain threshold setting so that it can detect if there is a deviation and so on. For those of you who want to buy this detector, find it online in Indotrading.com through various of our trusted suppliers and distributors.

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Knowing How the Heat Detector Works

At a glance, the heat detector has a function that is not much different from the smoke detector, which is to detect if there is a change in temperature in a room in the form of thermal thermal energy which is usually caused by a fire. This tool detects heat to a certain extent, which is between 50 to 60 degrees Celsius which is then channeled in the form of a loud sound (alarm bell). Installation of heat detectors is highly recommended in locations where there are many occupants such as office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, factories, hospitals to private homes.

Unlike the smoke detector, this tool relies on the working principle of sacred bimetal. The bimetal switch will be active when a heat temperature is detected. The stage for installing a heat detector at home is to insert both cables on the device to the terminal zone-com on the alarm panel with the initials L and LC. These two cables do not have plus (+) or minus (-) sizes so you can install freely with the NO (Normally Open) contact properties. After that there is also a type 4 Wire detector, a detector that can integrate on an alarm panel equipped with auto reset when an alarm is used. In terms of the design is quite slick when installed on various wall locations.

List of Heat Detector Prices in Indotrading

Brand / Type

Price range


IDR 600,000


IDR 1,000,000


IDR 700,000

Rise Heat Detector HC 306 Hong Chang

IDR 70,000

Temperature Heat Detector 5603 Notifier

IDR 200,000

ROR Heat Detector

IDR 100,000

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