Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector

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Know the Smoke Detector Specifications

The large risk of death during a fire somewhere, making security devices such as smoke detectors or smoke detectors very important to have. This tool works by issuing a signal in the form of sound (alarm) if smoke is detected at the location where the tool is installed. So that residents can immediately evacuate to take shelter in a safer place.

Generally a detector will make a loud noise or verbal sound with a strobe light that blinks and vibrates when alerting the occupants. In addition, most detectors function by relying on batteries or cables. Especially for batteries, the device can last up to 6 months of use and will make a certain sound when it indicates that the battery is dead.

Smoke detectors are available in 2 types namely ionization chamber detectors and photoelectric detectors. Both have a basic part to be able to detect smoke and an electronic hon to make a sound of danger. This type of ionization chamber detector functions with a radioactive source to be able to create ion molecules (electricity). While photoelectric detectors use an optical detector sensor that will function when thick smoke is detected which deflects the sensor light.

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