Buy cheap wallpaper / wall stickers per roll, meter and roll the best brands with 3D models, plain and the latest modern and minimalist motifs from distributors, suppliers, importers and also from stores from all over Indonesia. Wallpaper or wallpaper is a wallcovering that also functions as wall or wall decoration that is affixed to all wall surfaces of houses, rooms, offices, buildings and hotels with various motifs such as floral, natural scenery and wall stickers and plain motifs. Wall stickers made of paper, fabric, vinyl and others specifically as wallcoverings that are resistant to moisture and are not easily torn. The advantages of using wall stickers include walls that are not easily dirty, because if exposed to dirt it will be easy to clean and other advantages of walls will look colored with shades that can be adjusted to a combination of motifs according to our wishes.

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Bukan Hanya Motif, Berikut Hal-Hal yang Harus Anda Perhatikan Saat Memilih Wallpaper Dinding

Berbicara mengenai desain interior, tentu tak akan ada habisnya. Selalu saja bermunculan tren desain interior terbaru yang akan menarik hati Anda. Nah, dari deretan elemen desain interior yang ada, wallpaper atau kertas dinding adalah salah satu elem...

Ini Cara Memilih Wallpaper Dinding untuk Kamar Tidur Anak, Si Kecil Pasti Suka!

Berbicara mengenaiwallpaper dinding, ada banyak sekali opsi yang bisa dipilih. Mulai dari motif yang sederhana hingga yang mewah. Namun, jika Anda berniat untuk memasang wallpaper dinding untuk kamar tidur anak, maka beberapa tips berikut ini wajib A...

Cheap Wall Wallpaper Prices for Home and Office Rooms

Here is a list of estimated prices for various types of wallpapers for walls with various motifs or images at competitive prices. Besides you can see from this price list, you can directly submit a purchase request or request a quote of the type or specification that you need directly to the supplier / distributor in Indotrading.com.

Motifs Size Estimated Price
Plain Texture Motif Abstract 53 cm x 10 meters Rp. 150,000
3D Brick Motifs 53 cm x 10 meters Rp. 150,000
Motifs of Trees / Forest Plants 53 cm x 10 meters Rp. 135,000
Motifs of Flowers and Plants 53 cm x 10 meters Rp. 145,000
Children's Animated Cartoon Motifs 53 cm x 10 meters Rp. 165,000
3D / 3 Dimension arises 53 cm x 10 meters Rp. 170,000

Buy Motif Wallpaper

Are you looking for the nearest wallpaper store to find the latest, modern, natural and minimalist wallpaper motifs for walls or walls of your home, room and office? Now you can just search and buy all the latest unique motif wall stickers at meter, sheet or wholesale prices that you can buy from all sellers in Indotrading.com. There are many types of sizes, specifications and motifs provided by all sellers in Indotrading, because there are thousands of different products at competitive prices. All models and motifs that you can buy have their respective advantages, for example from the quality of materials that are not easily torn and are resistant to water or wall moisture. In addition, there are certainly many other specifications that you can know directly from the seller. Buy now also all the needs of the wall stickers at the lowest prices in Indonesia only in Indotrading.com.

The closest supplier / distributor and wallpaper shop in your city

Maybe a lot of people are looking for information on the location of the store, supplier or distributor who sells wall wallpapers closest to the location of his home or office. Now you no longer need to be confused to find where the seller of wall stickers is close and not only close but if you are looking for a seller who provides thousands of items at the lowest price you can immediately search for information on Indotrading.com. Because here, you are looking for suppliers of stickers for walls / walls easily and quickly, because in addition you can search for product information by category, you can also directly search for distributor locations based on company categories such as companies in Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang or Jogja and companies in other cities throughout Indonesia.

How to Install Your Own Wall Wallpaper at Home

Want to know how to set the right wallpaper so it looks neat and nice? To install it yourself at home without having to use the services of a handyman, the first thing you must prepare is a wall sticker that you cut symmetrically or in accordance with the wall. To cut this wall sticker things you should pay attention to, make sure each piece when attached to the wall motif / picture is not cut must match the other pieces, but if there is no motif, you can be free to stick it. Then prepare wallpaper glue for special walls, so that the glue will be strong glue paper to the wall for years. Also make sure before you buy glue for the walls, you also have to know the type of wallpaper material that you will install, for example paper, fabric or vinyl, because each type of material certainly uses a different adhesive or glue.

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