Ceramic Wall

Ceramic Wall

Buy a complete model of ceramic wall models at the best cheap brands from suppliers, distributors of the closest, cheapest ceramics in Indonesia. Get a variety of ceramic models for making floors with a minimalist and natural model. Ceramic wall is one type of ceramic used for coating walls and is different from floor tiles. This type of ceramic is not used to support heavy objects such as floor tiles, wall tiles are thinner compared to floor tiles. Wall tiles that are not thick also make it easy for ceramics to stick to the wall easily and not easily come off due to being too heavy. This is because ceramics are not installed below, but will be installed at the top which will be greatly influenced by the force of gravity. Immediately submit a request to buy ceramics for the best price walls in Indotrading.com

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Price of Ceramic Walls

Confused by a variety of pricing options or ceramic tile prices for walls? Find a variety of price options that you can compare from one company with other companies in Indotrading.com. All requests for purchases or offers of goods that you want you can get at the best price that you are most suitable. All the price information you get can also be compared with the estimated price from the ceramic price list for the wall below:

Ceramic Wall Brands Price Per Meter / Box
Milan Pure Color 50 x 50 Ceramic Rp. 94,500
Milan Classy Color 50 x 50 Ceramic Rp. 103,000
40 x 40 Dark Hercules Ceramics Rp. 48,750
Ceramic Hercules 40 x 40 Special Motif Rp. 43,150
Roman ceramics 20 x 20 Rp. 87,000
30 x 30 Roman Ceramics Rp. 87,000
Roman ceramics 40 x 40 Rp. 97,000
50 x 50 Roman Ceramics Rp. 132,500
60 x 60 Roman Ceramics Rp. 175,000
Ceramics 220 Ivory and 280 Joyce Rp. 175,000
Sara 242 Ceramics Rp. 200,000
Ceramic 240 White Rp. 200,000

Size of the Ceramic Wall

There are several sizes of ceramics for walls that are commonly used for mounting ceramics on walls with appropriate motifs. All types of models and motifs such as ceramic wall flower motifs, plants, minimalism and various other motifs for the outer wall and inside the house. The following are some of the sizes that are often used to manufacture the walls of a house, building or office.

Size Length x Width
20 x 20 cm
30 x 30 cm
50 x 50 cm
60 x 60 cm
30 x 60 cm
25 x 40 cm

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Find dozens of hundreds of suppliers and distributors of ceramics for the cheapest wall, complete in Indotrading at the best price. Find also the closest and cheapest variety of ceramic distributors and suppliers in Indonesia, which you can get only here, the largest B2B Marketplace in Indonesia, from hundreds to thousands of companies incorporated here. So what are you waiting for, find all the best ceramic companies of your choice to be able to be the provider of all the items you need at the best price with quality goods.

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