Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Selling synthetic grass / grass carpet at a low price

Buy synthetic grass carpet at cheap prices complete sheet / meter sizes from suppliers, distributors closest, most complete and largest in Indonesia, buy at the cheapest prices to be used to make futsal soccer fields, decorations and more. As the name implies, synthetic grass is artificial or artificial grass made from synthetic materials that are made similar to natural grass / natural grass. Synthetic grass is widely used to replace natural grass on sports fields such as soccer fields and futsal fields. The advantage of using synthetic grass is that it is easier to maintain compared to natural grass because it does not need soil planting media and does not need watering or other treatments. Get a variety of information on synthetic grass carpet prices and buy directly from all suppliers in now to get the cheapest wholesale prices.

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The Cheapest Price of Synthetic Grass Carpets Per Roll / Meter in Indonesia

Before buying, find a wide selection of prices of all types and specifications of the cheapest grass that suits you best. See all estimated prices for types of artificial grass or grass carpet below. To get the latest prices from sellers in Indotrading, ask for price quotes according to what you want.

Grass Carpet Type Estimated Grass Prices
Synthetic Grass Per Meter Thickness 30 mm Rp. 170,000
Standard Size Grass Carpet for Futsal Field Rp. 135,000,000
Futsal Field Grass Per Meter Thickness 20 mm Rp. 155,000
Rooftop / Outdoor Decoration Grass Per Meter Thickness 50 mm Rp. 180,000
Synthetic Grass for Parks Per Meter Thickness of 20 mm Rp. 160,000

Buy Synthetic Grass / Meter Grass Carpet for Fields, Decorations and Parks

For making futsal fields, golf courses, decorations and various other needs, for example, for resale, you can get a variety of offers directly from suppliers or distributors in All types of grass rugs that are here are generally sold at relatively cheaper prices, for example by purchasing per meter or sheet that has been determined by the seller. In addition there are also those that are sold with a larger size. For all the needs of the desired item, buy through a trusted supplier and distributor that you can find in right now.

Tips for Choosing Synthetic Grass Types Based on the Material

When viewed from the type of material used to make this artificial grass, there are three types of synthetic materials from plastic mix which are commonly used as synthetic grass making materials and the following types:

Nylon grass Is a type of artificial grass made from nylon plastic that is strong and resistant to water and mold, but for the price of this grass is expensive.
Polyethylene grass This type of grass made from polyethylene has a better shape than nylon material, but for durability it is still better than nylon material.
Polypropylene grass Grass made with polypropylene as the main ingredient, is a type of grass with low quality compared to the two materials above.

Of the several types of artificial grass carpets above, which are the most suitable for your needs? If you need grass that you want to use as a sports field such as futsal, golf and others, we recommend using a type of grass made from nylon. If you want to use grass as decoration / artificial garden decoration inside the house, public places you can use both types of grass made from Polyethylene and Polypropylene.

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