Bondek Floordeck

Bondek Floordeck

Buy bondord floordeck at cheap prices complete with the best brands from suppliers, factories / manufacturers and distributors of the closest and most complete bondek in Indonesia. Bondek or also known as floordeck or also known as a buffer or cast floor coating, concrete is a product that functions to replace the formwork function when casting floor plates. Floordeck is the right solution, fast, strong, practical, and economical for you for your building slab casting work. Floordeck is made of high-strength galvanized steel so that it can withstand the weight of the structure of the floor plate. Floordeck has a width of 60cm, 62cm, 87cm, 88cm, 89cm and 100cm and a length that can be adjusted to the needs of your building floor plate.

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Size of Bondek Estimated Price
Size 1 meter x 0.65 mm x 1 mm Rp. 88,000
Size 3 meters x 1 meter Rp. 95,000
Size 4 meters x 0.75 mm x 1 meter Rp. 366,000
Size 5 meters x 0.75 mm x 1 meter Rp. 475,000
Measures 5 meters x 0.65 mm x 103 cm Rp. 685,000

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Advantages of Bondek / Floordeck for Blinders

Floordeck or commonly also called bondek is a concrete floor coating material made from galvanized or galvalume material. There are several advantages to using this concrete coating, which you can see below:

  1. The shape of this sheet can make it easier to make concrete floors.
  2. Concrete floor that has been made no longer need to make a ceiling, because it looks neat.
  3. Material is lightweight but strong and resistant to corrosion or not easily corroded.

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