Brick Maker Machine

Brick Maker Machine

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Type of Brick and Conblock Printing Machines and Tools

Manual Printing Tool

As the name implies, this printing press employs a manual technique that is assisted by a hand press. This tool is used by workers to make paving blocks economically, practically and in accordance with good quality. The process begins by mixing cement sand which is compressed with human (human) labor so that the results need to be maximized according to the energy of each worker to be the same. This tool is usually used for people who need a small amount of paving blocks. But the step of pressing paving (press) needs to be done repeatedly if you want maximum results.

Semi-automatic Printing Machine

If previously manually applying a tool, this one tool approves a semi-automatic system known as the Hydraulic Handle Valve press machine. This tool is capable of printing with high speed and strong vibrations to create quality beam results. The operating system of this tool requires 1-2 workers. What distinguishes it from the previous type of Handle Valve has 2 lever controller components for 2 workers. But its use is not so complicated. Of course, when compared to the previous type of tool, Handle Valve is able to produce more and faster printouts.

Automatic Printing Machine

This machine approves the component of the solenoid valve. Solenoid valve is a valve that can be driven by electrical energy through a solenoid, which is a driving coil that functions to control the piston from AC current to DC (one-way or alternating current). If you look closely, the automatic paving block machine does not use a valve handle. Simply pressing the panel button, the machine system will work by itself and produce prints that are certainly of higher quality.