Concrete dan Cement Mixer Machines

Concrete dan Cement Mixer Machines

Concrete cement mixer machine or often called molen machine, is one of the tools that are often used to support construction work. By using this machine, the results of the mortar will be more evenly distributed and the processing time and energy expended will be more efficient. Especially for those of you who have a business in the field of construction, this machine is a must-have. Rows of quality cement mixer machines are available in to meet your needs.

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Concrete Cement Mixer Machine Components

In one concrete cement mixer, there are several components that have and carry out their respective functions. The following is an explanation of each component and its functions:

  1. Motor motion: function to move the stirring tube so that it can rotate
  2. Wheel: serves to move the machine from one location to another
  3. Framework: body parts consisting of wheels and pull rods of the engine to support the engine
  4. Pull rod machine: made of iron to make it easier when you want to pull or move molen machines
  5. Reversing wheel lock: useful to lock the turning wheel of the stirring tube so that it can be moved to another place
  6. Tube turning wheel: useful for changing the position of the stir when filled with the mixture of ingredients you want to stir and when the results of the stir want to be shed
  7. Stirring tube: cylindrical with a conical top layer open at the end, and the bottom closed. At the end of this is a hole to enter the composition of the concrete mortar and also to spill the results of the concrete mortar after being mixed.

How to Take Care of a Concrete Cement Mixer Machine To Stay Durable

After use, molen machines usually leave scars that are difficult to remove. Therefore, special treatment is needed to treat the molen engine so that it still functions properly. Here's how to take care of a good cement mixer:

1. Clean with Water After Use

Bersihkan mesin molen sesegera mungkin setelah pemakaian. Pasalnya, jika dibiarkan terlalu lama, Clean the molen machine as soon as possible after use. The reason is, if left too long, the remaining cement mixture will settle and more difficult to clean.

2. Dry to Avoid Corrosion

After cleaning, dry the machine until it is completely dry. The reason is, if it is still wet, the engine is prone to rust and corrosion so it does not last long

3. Spread with Lubricant

Another way to prevent the engine from rusting can be done by smearing the engine with lubricant on rotating engine parts, for example on the shaft, tube gears, wheels, and other parts so that the machine can function properly when used.

4.  Check the Eligibility for Spare Parts of the Machine Periodically

By checking the eligibility of engine parts regularly, you can find out which engine parts are functioning properly or not. If one part of the machine is not feasible, then immediately replace the machine with a new one.

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