Cold Storage

Cold Storage

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Definition and Function of Cold Storage

Cold storage is a room that is designed in such a way that the temperature inside can be regulated to keep it cool, as cold as a refrigerator. The cooling room is usually spacious and is equipped with various equipment so that the temperature in this room remains stable. Some equipment that is usually there is a compressor, evaporator, condenser, and expansion valve. In addition to these equipment, this room is also equipped with plastic curtains, humidity indicators, pressure control, and so forth. To enter it, the manager must wear special clothing and gloves so that all products remain sterile and the manager does not get cold.

Basically, the function of cold storage is to maintain the freshness of food products. The process of maintaining freshness is of several kinds, depending on the type. To maintain the freshness of meat and fish, it needs a freezer room. The temperature in this room usually ranges from -15oC to -20oC. To keep vegetables and fruits fresh, a chilled room type of cooling space is needed. The temperature in this room ranges from 1oC to 7oC. Other types of cold storage that are often used are thawing room, blast chiller, and blast freezer.

In addition to maintaining the freshness of food, the cooling chamber also serves to reduce the water content in food. This room is also used to eliminate bacterial contamination of food, maintain the taste of food to remain delicious, and maintain food nutrition. To achieve these four goals, you need a blast chiller and a blast freezer.

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