Selling refrigerators or refrigerators at the best prices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy a refrigerator with the latest price serves to store food and beverage ingredients such as vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and various types of drinks. The way a refrigerator or refrigerator works is by cooling all the contents in it with a minimum to maximum temperature that can be set manually and if the refrigerator with the latest technology generally no longer needs to set the temperature manually but there is already an automatic technology to raise and reduce the temperature in the refrigerator consists of several parts of the bulkhead or locker, namely the upper part which is generally used to make ice cubes, the lower part is for storing meat, fish and the like. For the middle part is generally used to store fruit snacks and snacks. And the very bottom is used to store vegetables and spices. For the inside of the refrigerator door there is generally also a small shelf that can be used to store eggs, drink bottles and various types of food and drinks.

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Type of Refrigerator / Refrigerator Based on the Model

If you want to buy a refrigerator, it is better if you need to know first what is the required electrical capacity, this is very important to note because if the electrical power in your house is small, it usually will not be strong enough to turn on things household electronics at your home simultaneously. And last but not least, choose the latest refrigerator model based on the size and type of the door, there are several refrigerator models for households and businesses that are a favorite of people in Indonesia, among others:

1. One Door Refrigerator is a refrigerator model that has one door and there are five storage screens to store food, vegetables, fruit and drinks with moderate capacity for households.
2. Two Door Refrigerator is a type of refrigerator that has a larger size compared to other types both one door and mini size, usually a very large storage space capacity and suitable for storing a variety of restaurant kitchen needs.
3. Mini refrigerator, which is small in size only to cool a number of fruits, cakes and drinks with an amount sufficient for the needs of one person.

Best Fridge Type / Brand Recommendations

Confused looking for the best and cheapest supplier of household electronics? Come immediately get a wide selection of models, specifications of the best refrigerator brands in Indonesia that you can get directly from the cheapest and most comprehensive refrigerator distributor. Well, for those of you who are looking for recommendations on some of the best types of refrigerators, you can also see some brand or type recommendations as below.


2. Samsung RT19M300BGS-SE

3. Sharp SJ-F85PM-BK

4. Sanken SN-118

5. Mitsubishi MR-F42H-SB-N

6. Samsung RT38K5032S8 / SE

7. GEA RS-06DR Mini

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