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Washing Machine

Washing Machine

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Washing Machine Type

Washing machines have several types that differ in form and use, namely:

1. A front loading washing machine is also known as a 1 tube / front opening washing machine, which has one horizontal tube that is used to wash and dry clothes at different levels of dryness according to the initial settings.

2. A top loading washing machine or also known as a 2 tube / top opening washing machine is a machine whose working tube rotates vertically and has an upper door and two tubes, the first tube is used for washing and the second tube is used for drying.

Best Washing Machine Brand Recommendations

1.Elextrolux UltraEco 500 7.5kg Front Loading

2. LG T2109VS2M 9kg Top Loading

3. Samsung WA85H4200SG 8.5kg Top Loading

4. Samsung WT85H3210MB 8.5kg Top Lading

5. Polytron Zeromatic Belleza PAW 8513M 8.5kg 1 Tube

6. Polytron Zeromatic Belleza PAW 75513B 7.5kg 1 Tube

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