Battery Charger

Battery Charger

Selling Battery Chargers at the best prices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy Battery Cas with the latest prices that serve to charge electricity with a constant voltage / in accordance with the maximum capacity of the battery up to the specified voltage. A battery charger is also a device used to charge energy using magnetic induction. The types of batteries that can be charged with this device are rechargeable batteries for example AA batteries used for toy batteries, flashlights remote and others. Get various types of chargers of the best brands with fast charging power for all types of batteries for more durable use. Submit requests to buy directly from reliable suppliers and distributors in right now.

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Recommended 4 Best Battery Chargers

The following is a list of the best charger recommendations from Indotrading, which are generally sold in retail and wholesale stores or suppliers in Indonesia. All of this information can be used as a reference for you to compare to be reviewed first which is better.

1. Panasonic Basic Charger 4 Batt AA (Rp. 260,000)

2. Panasonic Basic Charger 2 Batt AA (Rp. 192,500)

3. Sanyo Eneloop Basic Charger 4 Batt AA (Rp. 140,000)

4. Sanyo Eneloop Rapid Charger 2 Batt AA (Rp. 125,000)

Specifications and Types of Battery Chargers Based on Charging Speed ​​

Electronic equipment such as children's toys, remote ac / tv, wall clock and others are electronic equipment which mostly uses batteries to power their electricity. To find out the type of battery charging based on its actual speed is determined by the type of battery used. So if you want a fast battery charging and don't need to wait a long time, you can first determine the two types of battery chargers for the charging speed. Based on the type of refill, batteries this charger is divided into 2 namely:

1. Standard Charger, This type of battery requires a normal charging time according to the battery's capacity to fully charge the current stored in the battery. Calculation of charging time can be adjusted by the amount of incoming current multiplied by what time the charging process takes

2. Rapid Charger, For this type of battery has advantages which provide a faster charging process so it saves time. The current from charging must be greater so that even the charger usually has a quick charge label. Calculation of the charging time you can adjust the amount of current that will enter multiplied by the length of the battery charging process.

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