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CCTV Camera

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What is CCTV Camera

A CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) camera is an electronic device used to record images and often sound in a certain area in real-time or according to a certain schedule. CCTV cameras are generally used for surveillance, security and monitoring purposes in various contexts, such as home security, business, offices, public facilities and other public locations.

Price CCTV Hikvision Set 5MP 8 CHANNEL Rp 7,300,000
Price Camera CCTV 2MP 16 Channel (16 Pcs CCTV + DVR) (Custom) Rp 46,846,847
Price Kamera Pengintai Kamera CCTV Merk Hikvision Rp 4,500,000
Price Kamera CCTV DAHUA HAC-HFW1509TP-A LED-S2 5MP Rp 629,000
Price Kamera CCTV DAHUA HAC-HFW1239TLMP-A LED 2MP Rp 629,000
Price Kamera CCTV DAHUA IPC-HDW1230T1-A S5 2MP Rp 629,000
Price Kamera CCTV DAHUA IPC-HDW3541TMP-AS 5MP Rp 2,200,000
Price Kamera CCTV DAHUA IPC-HFW1230S1-A S5 2MP Rp 595,000
Price Kamera CCTV DAHUA IPC-HFW3541EP-AS 5MP Rp 2,324,400
Price Kamera CCTV DAHUA HAC-B1A51 5MP Rp 622,000

Tips for Choosing The Right CCTV

There are several CCTV cameras recommended by Indotrading including CCTV cameras from Panasonic, Sony cctv cameras,  Infinity cctv camera,  Dahua cctv camera, to  Hikvision cctv camera.

Before buying a CCTV camera, especially when choosing CCTV in large quantities, there are a number of tips that can be applied when deciding to buy a CCTV camera.

1. Choose the Type of Two Way Communication System

This type of CCTV camera can help you make it easier to monitor from close or long distances. This type of CCTV camera can be connected to an application on your smartphone.

2. Shooting CCTV Installation Locations

In general, because CCTV is installed indoors or outdoors. You can prioritize CCTV installation in crucial places.

For the home area, CCTV cameras are usually installed at the front door and back door because it is where people go in and out. As for business premises, the cashier area can be installed with CCTV so that crime can be minimized.

3. Determine the Video Record Format and Image Resolution

The Olike MO-h1 type CCTV camera with 2MP quality is capable of producing video results up to 1920 x 1080 pixels using the H.264 format. You can also choose the recording results according to your needs, just SD (Standard Definition) or HD (High Definition).

4. Features Available on CCTV

Feature devices owned by CCTV include Night Vision, Smart Detection Alarm, to Wireless. Night Vision itself uses Infrared Night Vision or IR CUT technology which is capable of taking light up to a distance of 7 meters clearly.

Meanwhile, the Smart Detection Alarm is used as a monitoring of suspicious movements to then send a warning message. For the Wireless or Wi-Fi feature, most CCTV cameras already have this feature to be able to display the camera from a laptop or smartphone. So that makes monitoring easier.

5. DVR placement

Digital Video Recorder or DVR is a device that has the function of capturing images from CCTV cameras. DVR Usually placed in the home owner's private room or places that are often reached by the home owner.

There are several types of CCTV cameras that are often found on the market such as Avtech CCTV cameras, Axis CCTV cameras, Dlink CCTV cameras, Hilook CCTV cameras, Honeywell CCTV cameras, Idis cctv camera, Prolink cctv camera, Samsung cctv,  Vivotek cctv camera. . You can choose the CCTV you want and bid to get the best amount.