Safety Clothing

Safety Clothing

Buy safety clothing / safety clothing at low prices Cig brands, Blue Eagle, Dupont, 3M, Kleenguard, Leopard, Ansell, Zetex, Nomex Iiia and others from safety clothing distributors and suppliers in the form of special clothing that is resistant to temperature hot and cold using special ingredients. Get immediately the types of clothing and safety pants that are resistant to fire and cold that are often used for workers in the welding, painting, mining, metal casting and so on to protect body parts such as sparks, chemicals and other dangerous risks that can hurt the skin of the body. Immediately buy safety clothes for various needs of workers in your company or procure goods for resale. Find all the best safety clothing models to suit your needs.

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Cheapest Safety Clothing Prices from Suppliers in Indonesia

Get a variety of safety clothing price references at prices that are unit friendly or wholesale according to the needs of your store or company. All the needs of clothing / personal protective clothing when you work can you get the estimated price information through the price list below. This price is an estimate of all sellers in Indonesia that sell retail and wholesale prices, so for more detailed pricing information and most recently you can directly contact direct suppliers at competitive prices.

Safety Clothing Brands Estimated Price
3M Rp. 149,000
Dupont Rp. 88,000
Kleenguard Rp. 75,000
Microgard Rp. 99,000

Type of Safety Dress Based on its Function

There are several types of clothes / safety clothing that you can get directly from suppliers and sellers in Here you can get a variety of protective clothing needs to be used when working in a variety of risks that can threaten our body parts such as sparks when working in the fields of welding, metal casting and various other jobs such as mining or outdoor work to protect the body from water or cold temperatures and humidity. The following are some types or safety clothing models based on their functions:

  • Fireproof Clothing , clothing that is often used in all jobs that are at risk of exposure to heat and sparks.
  • Waterproof and Humidity / Cold Clothing , clothing used for miners and outdoor workers.
  • High Visibility Clothing i, clothing that has special specifications and is often used on high visibility jobs that are resistant to fire, water, moisture and cold.

Buy the Best Safety Clothing Brands in Indonesia

Shopping for all models and types of clothing, the cheapest unit prices and wholesale for various needs of your shop and company now is only in Because everything that is sold in Indotarding is the best and cheapest brands of safety clothing at competitive prices for the procurement of goods in your company or safety tool shop. All trade needs such as safety clothing or other safety equipment can be obtained from suppliers and distributors of the best brands of safety clothing for consumers throughout Indonesia.

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