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Fire Jacket

Fire Jacket

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Specifications of Fire Resistant Jacket

1.Can Resist Fire Radiation

A fire-resistant jacket is a type of jacket that can prevent direct fire from hitting the body. Fire-resistant jackets can withstand fire radiation of 1000 C to 1500 C, so they are guaranteed to protect the body when fighting fires.

2. Weighs 4.8 Kg

This fire-resistant jacket has a fairly heavy weight, this is because it is specially designed to protect the body from the heat of the fire.

The weight of this fire-resistant uniform has been standardized and adjusted to the body's ability to support it so that it will not interfere with the comfort of the officers.

2. Made Of Special Material

The main material of this firefighter's heat-resistant uniform is acrylic fiber, but it is still combined with a fiberglass and aluminum core. This aluminum is used to protect the body from the heat of the fire under high pressure because this type of aluminum is usually used for work clothes in industries that deal with heat radiation.

3. Has Various Supporting Equipment

To facilitate mobility and evacuation in the event of a fire, fire-resistant jackets are designed and designed to have sections that are used for goods that make it easier for firefighters.