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Face Shield

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Hearing his name, of course we already understand if the face shield was created to protect the face from various dangers that can injure all parts of the face, especially in workers who have activities related to sparks, chemicals and sharp tools. In order to get effective face protection, the size, shape, insulation material and type of glass from this face cover must be chosen as well as possible, so that the wearer can feel comfortable. Well, if you need this protective device, get the product immediately in full from the suppliers and distributors in Indotrading.

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Lindungi Wajah Maksimal, Berikut 5 Rekomendasi Supplier Face Shield Terpercaya di Indonesia

Rekomendasi supplier face shield, Indotrading Newsβ€” Sejak pandemi virus corona (COVID-19) melanda, berbagai macam kebiasaan baru mulai diterapkan. Salah satu yang paling umum dijumpai saat ini adalah menggunakan face shield. Alat Pelindung Diri (APD)...

Easy Steps to Take Care of Face Protective Devices

In addition to the intensity and duration of the use of protective equipment that can affect the quality of the equipment, there are also some things that can be other supporting factors, namely:

  • The number of particles or substances that fly like dust, pieces of wood, glass or metal.
  • Exposure to acids, gases or vapors formed from chemical compounds.
  • How to use or install is not right.
  • How to store the wrong (carelessly) which leads to damage such as scratches or rust.


The first step you need to apply in treating eye and face protection is to clean with mild soap, then dry it in the open air. Avoid using solvents because it will have an effect on reducing the performance of protective equipment.There are also other tips that you can do as follows:

  • Clean the face shield every day and follow the instructions recommended by the manufacturer. Avoid handling rudely and not carefully.
  •  Make sure your device is free from scratches that can reduce the performance of the lens.
  • Immediately replace the latest lens if there is a scratch, the lens is speckled, cracked, broken, loose or cannot be attached comfortably to the face.
  •  Replace with components that are type in protective gear components to be able to provide optimal performance.
  •  If you are not using a protective device, store it immediately in a place that is free from sun exposure, dust, such as by placing it in a special rack or cabinet.

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The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face shields, ear protectors , oil spill kits , safety gloves and various other protective equipment is very necessary to provide security guarantees for the safety of workers who carry out activities in certain locations such as industrial, laboratory or mining factories. . Finding various personal protective equipment is now even easier with the presence of Indotrading.com as a marketplace with hundreds of suppliers and distributors who offer a variety of the most complete and quality safety equipment. You can also negotiate prices with the seller and apply for wholesale procurement through features available in Indotrading.com. Immediately visit the site and buy various protective equipment now too.

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