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Jarang Diketahui! Berikut Jenis-Jenis dan Fungsi Semen Mortar Untuk Bangunan

Agar pondasi konstruksi bangunan dapat menyatu dan kokoh, diperlukannya penggunaan semen. Salah satu jenis semen yang banyak digunakan namun jarang diketahui orang banyak adalah semen mortar. Untuk itu kali ini Tim Indotrading News akan membahas l...

Mortar Cement Types

Cement mortar has several types and functions that are adapted to its use. Generally, mortar is used for finishing buildings. To make it easier for you to know the types and functions of mortar, here is the discussion:

1. Thinbed Mortar

Thinbed cement mortar is a type of adhesive cement mortar used for lightweight bricks. This type of mortar is commonly referred to as Hebel's adhesive glue, because it can be used with a thin layer so that it is economical in use. Generally, the resulting dispersion is approximately 10 meters to 14 meters.

2. Instant Mix Mortar

Instant mortar mortar is a type of mortar that is specially formulated, it aims to produce a much smoother wall surface. The display results presented from this mortar are very different from other types of mortar. Acian mortar is anti-crack and has a much brighter color. In addition, this type of mortar is able to provide an advantage in the form of being more cost-effective because it does not require a plamir.

3. Plaster Wall

Wall plaster mortar is a type of ready-to-use mortar. Generally this type of mortar is applied to light brick walls, red bricks or even a brick. The use of this mortar is very easy and practical because there is no need to mix other materials.

4. Protection Mortar

The last type of mortar is protection mortar, this type of mortar is waterproof, anti-corrosion, and even this type can increase strength or durability. In addition, it is capable of being a heat and sound insulation. So as to provide comfort to the occupants of the building.

5. Ceramic Casting Mortar

This type of mortar is a cement mortar that is commonly used to glue ceramic tiles to the floor. By using this ceramic plaster mortar, you are able to make ceramics and floors stick together more strongly, this is because this ceramic adhesive mortar is formulated to glue ceramics.

That's a discussion of the types of mortar. Make sure you use a quality mortar such as Sika mortar, refractories castable mortar, mortar, and castable mortar. To get these superior mortars, you can buy them in Indotrading.

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