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Brick blocks are a type of building material that has the same role as paving blocks, which are constituents of walls. The term batako itself comes from "concrete brick" aka concrete brick and is often called a bataton in the technical world. The concrete brick itself is made from a mixture of sand , cement , pebbles and water, which is then printed with the compaction stage and then blocks of a certain size are formed. There are various types of bataton, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. Now, to find information about the types of brick and the place where you can get it, visit Indotrading and find all building materials in full directly from our distributors and suppliers.

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Recognize 2 Types of Brick Available in Indotrading

Brick Trass or White

From the name it is clear enough if this type of bataton is made from a mixture in the form of trass. Then mixed with other ingredients namely limestone and water. This type is also often referred to as trass limestone print. For those of you who do not know what trass is, it is a type of soil that is formed from weathered rocks on a volcano with white or brownish white. For the trass brick itself, there are several types of sizes available on the market, namely 20 cm-30 cm long, 8 cm-10 cm thick and 14 cm-18 cm high.

Cement Brick

This brick making is made from a mixture of cement and sand. The size of cement blocks is also more diverse than white brick. Usually this type of bataton is characterized by two or three holes on its side to be filled by a binding mixture. The cement batons are often referred to as brick presses, which are divided into 2 types, namely machine press and hand press. The size of cement brick on the market has a length of 36 cm-40 cm, height of 18 cm-20 cm and thickness of 8 cm-10 cm.

Advantages of Using Brick

The following are some of the advantages of using brick making:

  •  It has a larger size than red brick, so that automatic usage of the number of bataton can be more efficient during the development process.
  •  Has the same size and is neater.
  •  Because of its larger size, the time and effort needed is more minimal.
  •  An easier cutting process. It's easier to cut neatly
  • Waterproof and does not seep when it rains.
  •  Lighter weight composition.

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