Buy cheap Kali / Pasir Merapi sand for building materials or making concrete buy in sand depots, sand suppliers and distributors from all over Indonesia. Get various types of building sand from mining with the best quality such as Merapi sand that has been tested for its hardness and is free from soil and other mixtures. And many people have used it for various needs for building good houses, concrete and asphalt pavement. Get quality sand building No. 1 from tens to hundreds of sand depots that sell goods of undoubted quality. Immediately submit a request for a quote / purchase directly from the biggest and trusted sand seller that is in right now.

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Low Cost Sand Price Range for Building Materials

If you are looking for sand price references for building construction, you can see the price range below. Some offers of sand prices can be obtained directly from the sand depot and suppliers, distributors in Buy now before prices rise, because all building materials will increase every year as well as prices for other building materials such as split stones and natural stones, these two types of stones are also building materials which price increases almost every year changes in prices.

Product Name Price
Cor Sand from Lumajang / m3 IDR 160,000
Pasir Merapi from Jogja / m3 Rp 165,000
Pasir Batu Sirtu from Sidoarjo / m3 Rp. 90,000
Sand from Mundu / m3 Rp 235,000
Sand from Cielungsi / m3 Rp. 195,000
White Sand from Bangka / m3 Rp. 260,000

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