Buy marble stones per meter / various sizes from suppliers, closest and cheapest suppliers in Indonesia with various colors such as black, white and green and various types of marble such as italy motifs, travertine, statuario, onyx and other best models. Get a variety of types directly with the most complete variety of motifs and colors directly from hundreds of suppliers and distributors for various interior and exterior needs of homes and buildings such as making floors, walls, tables, chairs and various needs. Also find the quality of this stone with the best quality from home and abroad the most sought after. To search for and buy various types of options above, you can directly submit a request for offers from all sellers in

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Cheap Price Marble Motifs from Suppliers and Distributors

Find the most complete marble motifs of various colors with the most complete sizes from all over Indonesia. Get also a variety of unique motifs from hundreds of large suppliers who serve purchases in large quantities and also serve buying requests from all buyers throughout Indonesia. For the latest price information or the latest motifs that are sold cheap, you can directly submit a request besli or take part in a tender and can contact the seller directly. Can offer directly from sellers and big companies in Indonesia for your various business needs, shops or projects. Here are some of the latest price lists.

Cheap Marble Prices Complete Motifs and Types

Confused by what the cheapest marble is or the price range from the cheapest to the best quality at a very expensive price. Find everything only in, all types and sizes that you want you can get information directly from all sellers in

Marble Type Estimated Price
Statuario IDR 6,500,000
Serpeggiante IDR 1,700,000
Aurora White IDR 1,100,000
Violetta IDR 1,500,000
Travertine Silver IDR 1,500,000
Nero Marquina Rp 650,000

Supplier and Distributor of Selling Marble Pieces / Meters

Search and get the best deals on various types of marble pieces at affordable prices that you can get from all the cheapest and closest suppliers and distributors in your city. All the best deals you can compare which are the cheapest and most suitable offers that you are looking for. All you can get with the terms of sale offered from all providers of the goods you want to buy. Usually these stone pieces will be arranged in a solid floor shape or model and has a natural and nice appearance. So choose pieces that you can arrange well and can form a natural and minimalist look.

Easy Ways to Know the Characteristics of Genuine Marble

To choose the type of marble that is genuine or uncertain, we have difficulty, because with a relatively expensive price, certainly many types of natural stone those sold have original, artificial or modified specifications. How to find out whether the stone is genuine or not, here are tips on choosing and determining which is genuine and what isn't. This stone is made naturally from quartz, tremolite, chlorite and various other types of content that form naturally in a shape similar to a smooth texture. Usually good quality has a lot of calcite content up to 90% so that the color looks white, gray and clear. And some other features are the natural shape of a scratch with a darker color.

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