Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Buy the most complete type of natural stone and garden stone from the nearest, cheapest, most complete depot, stone supplier and distributor in Indonesia. Various types of natural stones are used to make gardens or decorating homes, offices and buildings. Besides being used to make gardens combined with ornamental plants , these natural stones are often used also to make walls and floors with natural stone structures . There are many types of natural stones that can be used as decoration inside the house and outside the home, generally the type is distinguished from the shape or motif of the stone and the size of the stone. If you want to find the most rare and most popular types of natural rock in Indonesia, you can directly buy directly from natural rock miners for decoration at a price per kg or per cubic from all the largest depot sellers, suppliers and distributors of natural rock in Indonesia.

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Cheap Natural Stone Prices for Home and Garden Decorations

Confused looking for the most complete and largest supplier of natural rock in Indonesia? Now you no longer need to be confused looking for depots or suppliers again in various locations that may not necessarily get the cheapest prices. Simply open and find the category of natural stone products here, immediately submit all natural stone needs that you want to buy in the form of a direct request to all sellers in Indotrading according to specifications, along with examples of stone images that you want to buy. Then after submission you will get offers from tens to hundreds of suppliers in Indotrading that you can easily compare prices and quality. To get a variety of price references you can also see the price list below:

Types of Natural Stones Estimated Price
Andesite Burning Points Per Sacks Rp. 115,300
Andesite Plain Burned Per Sack Rp. 180,300
Candi Merah Per Karung Rp. 100,300
Palimanan Stones Per Sack Rp. 90,000
Red Betta Stone Per Sack Rp. 130,300
Coral Stone Squashed Brush Per Sack Rp. 60,000
Coral Stone Brush Gravel Per Sack Rp. 60,000
River / Natural Wall Per Sack Rp. 50,000

Minimalist Natural Stone Various Motives and Full Sizes

Find various types of natural brick motifs minimalist, natural and rare stone motifs that can be used as garden decoration inside and outside the house or for floor and wall decorations. Search and find a variety of natural rock collections that are the best in Indotrading from all suppliers and distributors of natural rock from all of Indonesia's nature that have different characteristics and motifs from all rock depots for garden decoration . There are many different types of garden stones, find the best and most complete types of natural rock in Indonesia today.

The Most Popular Type of Natural Stone

Want to find the best and most popular garden stone used for making garden decoration inside and outside the home that you can get directly from all the sellers in Indotrading. Get immediately various types of natural rock as you are looking for among the natural stone stacking betel, stone wall templek, sandstone, temple stone, white worm stone, andesite stone and various other types. All natural stones that you can want to buy can be directly bought by Indotrading.

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