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Buy cheap wholesale granite various models / colors with complete sizes from the cheapest suppliers, distributors and importers. Granite is a type of intrusive, felsic, igneus rocks that are commonly found in various regions. This type of natural stone is mostly large, hard and strong, and is therefore widely used as a rock for construction. Granite is a breakthrough rock formed through a freezing process of magma on the surface of the earth which has a stable temperature. This type of granite rock has properties such as acidic, coarse grained or medium physical, has a bright color of gray, brown and reddish. The benefits of this type of stone include raw materials for the polishing industry (tiles, ornaments, etc.), building materials for houses and buildings, for building monuments, roads and bridges, as decorative stones (decoration), in addition it can be used as raw material for making home accessories such as floors, sinks and tables as well as in other property construction fields

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Standard Granite Size for Floors and Walls

Confused by the choice of granite sizes that you can use to make the floors of houses, hotels, offices or villas and manufacture various types of construction floors and walls for various needs. All types of sizes that are often used to make floors or walls usually use a standard size as in the table below:

Granite Size Size Per Cardboard
30 x 60 cm per m2
40 x 40 cm per m2
60 x 60 cm per m2

Complete Size Granite Prices in Indonesia

To get various references or estimates of the price of granite with the size most widely used by making the floor of houses, buildings, stairs and wall floors. Various price references from various types and brands as below can be your reference to choose the cheapest price according to your procurement. In addition you can also directly submit requests for procurement of goods directly from all sellers in Indotrading to get the most updated price information.

Granite type Estimated Price
Indogress Niagara matt Size 60 x 60 / per m2 Rp. 465,000
Indogress Havana matt Size 60 x 60 / per m2 Rp. 445,000
Surface matt ocra Size 40 x 40 / per m2 Rp. 149,000
Surface matt pearl Size 30 x 60 / per m2 Rp. 169,000
Surface lappato pearl Size 30 x 60 / per m2 Rp. 229,000

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Immediately submit a purchase request for all sizes, brands, types and specifications that you want through the page for your desired granite purchase request. In addition, you can also directly select one of the closest granite suppliers or distributors who sell the smallest to largest sizes that are sold by the distributor. To get the best prices from sellers, they usually offer wholesale prices, for example the minimum purchase of how many boxes or pcs for wholesale purchases, so what are you waiting for, buy cheap prices directly from a trusted seller in now.

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