Cable Ties

Cable Ties

Selling the best price cable ties from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy cable ties with the latest prices that work to tie a bunch of cables to be neat and well organized. Currently the use of cables is very broad, not limited to binding electric cables, but can also be used for other purposes such as tying tents, binding wood, binding bivouacs, as a place for hooks and more. This binding was invented by Thomas and Betts in 1958, to help solve the wiring problem in the aircraft industry. With a practical and minimalist form, this cable tie is very easy to carry anywhere for unexpected uses, for example tying a broken backpack, and so on. If you need cable ties, Indotrading is the right solution. We provide quality cable ties products from various trusted suppliers throughout Indonesia!

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What Is Cable Ties?

Cable ties are cable ties made of plastic and mixed materials such as Nylon-66 which is a type of plastic that is very strong and not easily damaged. Production process with an accurate injection molding method, so that it produces cables that are resistant to many chemicals, paints or solvents, resistant to oil, strong, and not easily broken. The cable tongue will lock automatically if the end of the cable enters the jagged head. After the cable is locked the remaining unused length can be cut using cutting pliers. This cable can also be connected to increase the desired length. Automatic locking makes the binding permanent, so it cannot be disassembled unless it damages the cable ties. If the installation is not too tight then it can be opened by using a flat screwdriver. Quality Ties Cable includes industry standards such as BS EN 50146: 2000, SAE-AS23190 Military Specifications; SAE-AS33671; SAE-AS33681.

Product Strength:

Because it is very functional, it is not surprising if this tiny object becomes the target. The following are the advantages of using cable ties to tie objects:

  • Cable ties are often present accompanied by cable tags that can make it easier for you to sort items
  • How to use it is also fairly easy and does not require expertise so that it can be learned by anyone
  • Its small size makes this cable easy and practical to carry wherever you go
  • Besides being practical, this cable is also equipped with automatic locking so that objects will not easily loose even in any situation / shock
  • If the length of the cable ties is not enough to tie an object, then the cable ties can be connected with other cable ties.

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