Cable LUG

Cable LUG

Buy cheap wholesale price kilo cable / Hex brand units, Nichifu, Hella and others from importers, distributors, cable suppliers, the cheapest and most complete, at wholesale and unit prices. Shop for cable cables for termination of cables or connectors installed at the end of the cable with a hook hole. Skun cables are usually equipped with conductors or electrical conductive cables consisting of copper or copper threaded threads need media to be able to connect with other cables, this is called a skun cable. with other conductive cables which are also knotted by scale.

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Price List of Cheapest Kilo Lug Cable / Brass Material and Metal Unit

Get various types of cable / termination cables to be used as connecting connectors between cables and bolts or other connections so that the cables are connected more strongly with electric current. To buy this lug cable you can see the price estimates as in the price list below and also can immediately ask for offers from suppliers and distributors, but the cable in to get more updated information, because for the price, there will always be changes every time.

Cable Type and Size Estimated Price
Skun 2.5mm-4mm Plain O Ring Cable Type Rnbs-3.5-5 Rp. 34,200
Orv3 Sg533 5 100 Pcs Skun Cable O Rp. 124,000
Skun Isolated O Ring Cable 2-5 Rp. 25,000
Skun 2.5mm-4mm Rvs-3.5-4 O Ring Cable Rp. 35,100
Skun Cable 35 Mm (Fill 10 Per Pac) Rp. 40,000

Buy Low Price Lug Cable from Distributors / Suppliers in Indonesia

Search for the cheapest types of cable from distributors in Indonesia in, you can get all types of cable made from metal, brass or steel here. Not only from the specifications of the type of material, but also from the size and brand skun for cables you can submit a purchase offer directly from the best seller in Indotrading. You can get all offers from suppliers easily and cheaply because generally the sellers here sell at wholesale and retail prices at the best cheap prices. All information on prices and specifications as well as brands of cables that you are looking for and want to buy can you ask for offers directly from suppliers and distributors here.

Functions and Benefits of Cable Skun for Power Cables

Functionally this cable is used to make the ends of the fiber cable and like a copper cable or copper wire neater and the end of the cable can be connected and connected directly to the bolt or other electrical source installation. So that by using a skun cable you can easily and quickly make the fiber wire cable connection neater and stronger. Find various types of lug cables in accordance with what you want in, get a variety of sizes that fit and brands of the highest quality at competitive prices from all suppliers and distributors here.

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