Circular Surface Box

Circular Surface Box

Buy a cheap price Circular Surface Box Osaka and other brands also known as Junction Box or Tee Box. This is used to branch out a conduit circuit flow. On each branch to tighten the pipe connection and make it not easily broken during installation. For those of you who need a circular surface box, has suppliers, agents, and distributors who sell the best quality circular surface box. Immediately make your purchase request and get the best price quotes from our suppliers. And by making a purchase request in Indotrading you don't need to be tired of searching and can save your time.

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The Cheapest and Latest Circular Surface Box Prices from Suppliers and Distributors

The following is a list of the cheapest and latest circular box prices from the cheapest and most comprehensive suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Get various models and sizes of circular boxes with a cheaper price range and the most updated from all sellers in

Circular Box type Estimated Price
Circular Box 1 Way E-19 Aluminum Rp. 29,100
Circular Box 1 Way E-25 Steel Rp. 40,500
Circular Box 1 Way E-31 Steel Rp. 79,600
Circular Box 1 Way E-31 Aluminum Rp. 82,000
Circular Box 1 Way E-25 Aluminum Rp. 43,000
Circular Box 1 Way G-22 Steel Rp. 57,800

Buy Different Types of Circular Surface Boxes by Size

There are various types and models of circular boxes that are generally used for electrical cable installation needs. These types and models are distinguished by shape or branch including branch 1, branch 2 elbow, branch 2 straight, branch 3 and branch 4. Get various types of circular surfaces with different holes and complete for your various needs for example to be resold at shop or building equipment and electrical equipment. Buy all the complete products and brands to meet the needs of your consumers and for all the needs of your industry or company.

Circular Surface Box Function for Electrical Cable Installation

Components needed in the world of electricity are indeed very diverse with different functions. Of course, these components have their own roles including circular surface boxes. In accordance with its function, one of these types of electrical accessories serves to make electrical cable protector pipe connections for all electrical installation needs both in homes, offices and the scope of factories and industries. All models and sizes you can get directly from suppliers and distributors in

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