Electrical Panels

Electrical Panels

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Types of Electrical Panels

There are several types of panels available on the market and you can choose according to your needs. Electrical panels can be categorized based on materials, types, uses, and controls.

1. Based on material type

  • Iron box panel : made of metal which is iron or steel which is poured and formed by pressing.
  • Plastic panel box : made of HDPE plastic material

2. By type

  • Wall mounting: affixed to the wall, usually used for lighting panels, elevators and gas.
  • Free standing : taller, longer, and wider construction
  • Switch gear: to distribute electricity to panels that are smaller in capacity

3. Based on usage

  • Medium Voltage Main Distribution Panel : functions as a 20kv breaker, separator and electrical power distributor from the PLN panel / substation to the LVMDP panel
  • Low Voltage Main Distribution Pane l: functions as a breaker, safeguards the feeder, and receives electrical power from the transformer for distribution to low voltage distribution panels.
  • Low Voltage Sub Distribution Panel: functions to distribute LVMDP electricity to local panels or electrical equipment such as lights, electric sockets, AC, and other electronic devices.

4. Based on the control function

  • Genset electrical panel consisting of ATS, AMF, ATS-AMF, and Synchronization
  • Motor electric panel consisting of DOL, Star Delta, MCC, and VSD.

Electrical Panel Installation Requirements

  • All cables / conductors must be neatly arranged
  • All components must be installed neatly
  • All who conduct electricity must be protected