Control Panel

Control Panel

Buy Control Panel cheap wholesale prices Schneider, Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens and others from suppliers and distributors of control equipment that is shaped like an electric panel or electronic panel that serves to & nbsp; regulate & nbsp; and control electrical loads in electrical or industrial workshops who uses an electric motor as a driver. In general, control in the industry there are two types, namely the type of manual and automatic type. Immediately submit a purchase or shopping request directly from distributors and suppliers who sell all types and models of control panels for various types of electricity and electronics for all functions and benefits of the control panel. Buy control panels for the cheapest electric and electronic wholesale prices only in

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Panel Name Estimated Price
CZ1-63 Series 4P Interlock Panel 1pc Rp. 699,000
Omron 3 Submersible Panel HP - 220 V Rp. 1,650,000
PLN-INVERTER Automatic Panel Rp. 762,000
Pln to Genset Panel Ats Ohm Switch / Cos Rp. 770,000
Automatic Panel Pln-Inverter Qsp17uiit Rp. 810,000
Chint 2P Pln-Genset Switch Interlock Panel Rp. 379,000

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Find various types and models of panel controls with high-quality sizes and materials, for the manufacture of good control panels generally made of very strong materials, ranging from iron plate or galvalum material which is resistant to corrosion and not flammable if there is a short circuit on the electrical panel control. If you want to buy or procure goods through an online tender in you can immediately send a price quote directly to the seller. All offers that you send will be quickly responded to by prospective sellers who will reply to your offer, so that every seller in Indotrading will offer the price, specifications and brands as you wish.

Control Panel Function for Electricity

As the name implies, control panels are used to regulate and control electrical equipment such as generators, dynamos and various industrial equipment that uses electrical systems. In general, controls commonly used in industry are of two types, namely manual and automatic types. Or with other explanations, the control panel is a place for setting the divider and the electric breaker which in the series there are electric dick panels. To get the best function from the control panel, you can directly choose different types of brands with different quality to compare the quality.

Electric Panel Control Specifications

When viewed from the specifications, the control panel has various control arrangements for electricity, including control devices such as switches to disconnect and connect electric current, terminal blocks are used to connect cables, indicator lights are used to provide information that the device that you turn on or turn it off is working normally. In addition there are arrangement of controllers, in this controller there are also various other equipment such as fuses or fuses that function to disconnect electric current automatically if there is an electric short circuit.

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