Wire Gabion

Wire Gabion

Buy galvanized / steel gabion wire at cheap prices from the most complete size and shape suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Gabion wire or gabion wire is one type of wire / woven wire arrangement that is used to bind piles of stones or sacks arranged in a section of land that tilts on cliffs, ravines, river retaining embankments and keeps them from holding land to avoid landslides. In addition, these gabion stacks are also often used to resist erosion in the river and coastal areas to avoid erosion or abrasion due to water. For the procurement of gabion gabion wire, you can immediately submit a purchase request directly from the supplier company in Indotrading to get the cheapest price.

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Size of Galvanized and Steel Gabion Wire

Gabion woven wire or Gabion wire have several sizes that are generally the same, but also in terms of the shape of the webbing is almost the same. The following are the sizes of gabion wire sizes that are generally provided by suppliers and distributors who sell gabion wire / gabion:

Length Width Height
2 meters 1 meter 0.5 meter
2 meters 1 meter 1 meter
3 meters 1 meter 0.5 meter
3 meters 1 meter 1 meter
3 meters 1.5 meters 0.5 meter

Supplier and Distributor of Gabion Wire / Gabion Wire

After looking at some sizes of Gabion wire above, you can immediately submit a purchase request directly to the supplier and distributor company by making a purchase request through the RFQ application. From tens to hundreds of all offers that you receive, you can sort out which suppliers are the ones you want and which ones are the most suitable price and also the specifications you are looking for. Apart from being able to get goods through the RFQ, you can also search by company location anywhere. To search by company location, you can go directly to the page category of the cable wire supplier company based on the cities of Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung, Tangerang and Medan.

If you want a supplier that is close to your city, then you can go directly to the distributor category page based on the city you want. Get directly from the distributor closest to your company, then can immediately submit a price quote directly from the company you have chosen. Then you can immediately respond to all offers that enter your member area. But beforehand you also have to register in advance to become a seller or buyer so that you can easily follow all tenders, purchases and offers from all companies.

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