Magnet Materials

Magnet Materials

magnets or magnetism is the ability of an object to draw other objects that are nearby. bedasarkan magnetism, objects can be classified into two general categories: magnetic objects are objects that can be drawn by the magnet is strong enough, non-magnetic objects are objects that can be seidkit pulled by a powerful magnet.

In daily life that also uses magnets of which are locking pencil box or bag, compass, radio speakers, microphones, antennas on the remote control car, and the car's alarm. Magnets are also used in heavy equipment to transport objects of iron. Magnet comes from electricity is therefore called an electromagnet. If there is no power, the nature of magnetism will be lost. Magnetic attraction is widely used in everyday life. Magnetic attraction is used in a wide variety of tools, ranging from simple tools to complex tools. Magnets are used in the following tools: scissors tip to facilitate taking sewing needles, electric bell to move the bell beater, chess board so that the chess pieces are not easily overturned, Compass as a direction north-south, bicycle dynamo and a generator to generate power, Tool for transporting objects of iron. we have a qualified supplier of magnetic tools get offers from our suppliers in

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