Digital Camera

Digital Camera

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Types of Digital Cameras

1. Digital Pocket Camera
Is one type of camera that is used to capture moments in the form of images and videos with a small camera size and can be stored in a pocket. This type of camera has a lens that can be automatically zoomed and can also be manually zoomed in and out.

2. Prosumer Camera
Is a type of SLR camera or with another name Bridge Camera that has a fixed lens that can be removed. This camera has advantages over other types of zoom in and zoom out menus up to 50x up to 60x. But from some of these advantages this camera also has a weakness, namely in indoor shooting with limited lighting, the results of the picture or video will also look dark. So it must require an additional external flash or flash lights as additional accessories.

3. Digital SLR Cameras
Is a type of camera with a Single-Lens Reflex extension that has a single lens with shooting speed and video that is much faster than other types of cameras. This camera is the best type that is widely used by professional and amateur photographers who are learning to take and capture their daily photos and videos.

Main Components on the Camera

1. The body of the camera is made of strong plastic and metal alloy as the body as well as the most important part in a camera.
2. The camera lens is the most important part in the sound of a camera circuit that functions as a picture taker.
3. Flash lights function as additional lighting to illuminate a model or photographic object.
4. The LCD or LED screen functions to display the results of preview images and videos as well as to display the settings menu on the camera system.
5. Operational Buttons are buttons on a camera that are used to operate the camera.
6. The battery is the most important part of the camera as the main source of electrical energy to turn on the camera.

New Product Digital Camera

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Milkshake Rasa Coklat Yang Nikmat
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Camera Inspection System Vg Series
Supplier : PT Sumber Cipta Solusi
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Heavy Duty Camera Motec
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