Closet Seats

Closet Seats

Buy a cheap closet / toilet seat cheap wholesale cheap price from the nearest, most complete and largest closet model supplier and distributor in Indonesia. Sitting closet is a type of closet that is used as a sitting position that is often found in public places such as office buildings, shopping centers, amusement parks, hotels, restaurants and others that function to defecate large or small. In addition, many homes also use a sitting closet. Seated closets have a variety of products, the design of the sitting closet with a practical and fast concept. To get various types of price choices and the best deals from all sellers in Indotrading, you can simply submit your purchase request now via the page for request in

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Latest Cheap Closet Seats Prices provides hundreds to thousands of the best and largest suppliers and distributors who provide hundreds to thousands of products with the model closet as diverse as the various specifications, brands and sizes you want to find and buy. All available directly from the best suppliers and distributors who sell various brands of closet models sitting at the lowest wholesale prices in Indonesia. To get a variety of price ranges, you can also see the information below.

Brand / Type Estimated Price
EIROS Size 73m x 70 x 52 Rp. 5,529,000
Roca 480 X 78 X 680 Rp. 3,721,000
Toto CW 421 J Rp. 3,000,000
Toto CW 660 Rp. 3,000,000
Roca 580 X 90 X 1140 Rp. 4,017,000
Toto CW 637 J Rp. 2,900,000

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Confused about choosing suppliers or distributors to procure closets for your company or shop? Search and find a variety of large companies that sell a variety of closet models with well-known brands in Indonesia. Like the closet brand Toto, American Standard and others that have been proven to have the best quality products at competitive prices. If you want the best price offer, you can simply submit RFQ to get the best offer according to what you need right now.

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