Buy a cheap sink for the bathroom and wash the best brands Toto , American Standard , Aer and others from the closest, cheapest, most comprehensive sink suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. The sink is one of the bathroom equipment that is used to wash hands, brush teeth and wash face. There are types of sinks that are often used in bathrooms, kitchens and hotels. However, the sink that is often used is the type of hanging attached to the wall of the bathroom. Because in terms of the shape and method of installation the type of hanging is very easy to do because with the equipment to wash your face and hands it will be very helpful, if we are lazy to wash hands in the bathroom.

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Type of Sink Based on Usage and Material

Aside from the model and size, there are several types of sinks that are distinguished based on their use and construction material. If you want to buy a sink, you should know several types below to be able to adjust whichever model or material you choose.

1. Hand Washing Sink , this type of sink is a model that is used and installed anywhere in a special room for hand washing.

2. Bathroom Sink , this model is often used specifically and installed in the bathroom for various purposes such as washing your face and hands.

3. Stainless sink , made of stainless steel material specifically used for various public locations such as restaurants, cafes and other place.

4. Stone sink , this model is made using materials natural stone for example river stone, granite or marble carved into a sink shape. 5. Ceramic sink , coated with ceramic material made from red earth material which is burned then coated with ceramic material.

5. Portable washbasins , one of these types is often used in event areas or locations that move so that the portable design can be taken anywhere.

The Best Cheap Price of Sink in Indonesia

If you want to find and buy a variety of the best sink brands in Indonesia, you can directly submit a purchase request to procure goods to all suppliers, distributors in You can compare a variety of models, the best materials and brands from the prices and specifications. You can also get price references from the estimated price information below:

Brand / Type Estimated Price
NOVITA 65x43x14 Size Rp. 1,795,000
Toto LW 236 CJ Rp. 1,554,000
Roca Smart Package Sink SET Rp. 1,300,000
MARYLIN Size 55x37x17,5 Rp. 1,014,000
American Standard New MIZU 45 Rp. 2,050,000

Supplier / Distributor of Handwashing and Bathroom Sinks

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