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Bitumen Sheet

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What is Bitumen Sheet

Bituminous roofing is a type of roof made of bituminous material, which is a mixture of asphalt and kerosene. Bitumen is a very durable and weatherproof material, so bitumen roofing can protect your building from rain, heat, and wind.
Bitumen roofing is available in many forms, such as sheets, trusses, and plates. Bitumen roofing can be installed on various types of roof trusses, including wooden roof trusses, steel roof trusses, and concrete roof trusses.

Price Atap Bitumen IKO Marathon 20 Rp 300,000
Price Atap Bitumen Asphalt Shingle Seeton Rp 135,000
Price Atap Bitumen Gelombang Onduline Tile Rp 225,000
Price Atap Bitumen CANA 3-TAB DARK RED Rp 185,000
Price Atap Bitumen KMEW (Color Best Quad Colonial) Rp 150,000
Price Atap Birumen CTI CT-3 Oak Brown Rp 145,000
Price BITUMEN ROOF CTI CT3 Asphalt Tile BLACK Rp 130,631
Price Roofing Shingles Bitumen CTI CT3 Solid Black Rp 145,000
Price Atap Bitumen Owens Corning Classic Rp 250,000
Price Atap Bitumen Owens Corning Armortab Super Rp 250,000

Price Range of Asphalt / Roof Bitumen Tiles from Distributors in Indotrading

Get a variety of price offers from tens to hundreds of manufacturers and sellers of asphalt tiles in Indotrading from suppliers and distributors with the lowest price range for resale in roof and tile equipment stores or for needs procurement of tiles for your company. The following is the price list of bitumen roofs that you can get at the lowest price from all sellers in Indotrading.com.

Product Name Price
Roof of the Bitumen Tamko Victory Rp. 130,000
Cellulose Bitumen Tile IDR 150,000
CANA Bitumen Tile Rp. 190,000
CTI Bitumen Tile Rp 135,000
Onduline Bitumen Roof Rp 149,000
Onduvilla tile Rp. 52,500
Onduline Bitumen Roof IDR 143,000
Roof of Bitumen Cti - Ct5 Rp 125,000

Size of Asphalt Roof / Asphalt Roof

Before buying the asphalt roof / tile you can see the approximate reference for the size of the asphalt tile below before buying various types and models of tiles that you will submit a purchase request to suppliers in Indotrading. The tile size below is an approximate size, because generally every brand with another brand has a slight difference regarding the size and name of the model it makes.

Models Length Width Thickness Weight
Standard 1000 mm 333 mm 2.6 mm 2.6 kg
Rectangular 1000 mm 325 mm 2.6 mm 2.4 kg
Traditional 1000 mm 333 mm 2.6 mm 2.6 kg
Hexagonal 1000 mm 333 mm 5.2 mm 2.6 kg
Double 1000 mm 325 mm 2.6 mm 2.4 kg

Buy Asphalt Tile / Bitumen Tile from Supplier in Indonesia

Choose and buy models of asphalt tiles from all sellers of roof equipment suppliers to distributors and importers in Indotrading.com that are suitable for the roof frame that you will attach to the tile. Because before the roof / roof of the house and the building, of course you have to know how far the batten or roof frame is with the others. Why, because this method must be adjusted to the size of the roof / tile you want to buy and use, if you choose the size of the roof then the installation of the roof will not match the frame, it may not be installed, so you must make sure the size asphalt tile and frame.