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Welding Goggles

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What is Welding Goggles

Selling the best sunglasses from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy welding glasses with the latest prices that work for eye protection from splashes, vapors / gases, smoke or flashes of fire when doing both welding with electric welding or carbide welding. By using these welding glasses, it is expected that workers avoid the risk of direct radiation and injury to the eye when welding takes place. Therefore, the use of special welding glasses is very important to be used for SOP for all welding work. Because of the large number of consumer needs be it personal, shop, factory or workshop looking for clear, black or automatic welding glasses both from within and outside the country. You can get various offers directly from the supplier only here Indotrading. Find various brands, models and types of eyeglasses for welding with large quantities at wholesale prices.

Price Kaca Las (Warna Hitam) standart Rp 2,941
Price Kaca Las Bening type standart Rp 1,176
Price Safety Goggle UV Type clear Rp 12,719
Price Solid Black Welding safety goggles Rp 25,000
Price Welding Multipro Automatic Welding Glasses Rp 150,000
Price Welding Glasses Kacamata Safety Las Rp 35,000
Price Autodark goggle for ARC Welding Rp 4,289
Price Kacamata Las safety warna hitam Rp 15,000
Price Gas Welding Goggle Blue Eagle GW250 Rp 4,289
Price Welding Goggle DIN11 for welding Rp 4,289


Latest Cheap Las Glasses Prices

To determine the quality of the goods, we usually compare with several criteria, first, namely brands, specifications or models and prices. For the price itself, usually every consumer must determine in advance whether used alone, resold or to meet the needs of the tender. To determine the price you can directly submit a bid request for goods directly from the seller in Indotrading. You can choose any seller in Indotrading which offers the most suitable price for your budget and also make sure the quality of the product. For reference to some eyeglasses prices, you can also see in the following table.

Brands Price
Kenmaster XD-3002B Rp. 25,000
Nankai Clear Glasses Rp. 20,000
Nankai Welding Safety Rp. 30,000
Krisbow Welding Safety Glasses Rp. 40,000
Xander XD-43 Rp. 16,000

* Price updated on May 4, 2020

2 Types of the Best Welding Glasses

Actually there are only two types of welding glasses based on the technology, which are automatic or manual. To find out the details, you can find out through the following brief explanation.

1. Automatic Glasses is a technology of glasses that can be used automatically both when using welding inside and outside the room. The advantage is that the mechanics do not need to open the lid or automatically adjust the radiation from the welding process themselves, so hopefully our eyes will always be awake.

2. Manual Glasses is a model or specification that is still very manual, if used directly only looks dark. However, if used when welding glasses will be able to see clearly the welding process.