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Building Contractor is a person or a legal entity or a business entity in the contract or in the lease to run the project work based on the content of the contract which he won from the project owner, the agency / government agencies, legal entities, business entities, and individuals, who have made appointments formally. By using a Building Contractor you can find out how the budget costs to be incurred, can discuss the design and floor plan that suits your needs and budget funds are prepared, oversight of the work tersistem and discipline, no need to laboriously search for materials, no need to laboriously search for and supervising bricklayers, do not need to think about the security of material, do not have to worry about the technical construction and construction phases, if the work is less well able to complain without any additional charge.

Bexpert Indoprima By CV. Bexpert Indoprima

Bexpert Indoconsult Is A Training And Consulting Organization Founded By Professionals Who Have Long Been In The World Of Training And Consulting. Activities Undertaken By Bexpert Indoconsult Not Just Be A Provider Of Training Services, But More Than That, Contribute To The Development Of Human Resources Owned By The Company.

Exindo Pratama By Exindo Pratama

To Create An Event Or Exhibition You Can Make An Efficient Medium Climate Among Manufacturers With Which To Reach The Public, It Is So Needed Somewhere Efficient, Also The Concept Of The Thematic As Well As An Update On Global Development. Some Issues Related To Stand As A Product Showcase, Harmonious Space As A Media Gathering And Seminars, Through Exindo Pratama, We Are Ready To Serve The Means Needed In The Event. We Stand To Build A Communicative Media, Interactive, So That Will Be Established Also Aesthetically Harmonious Interaction And Closer To The Public With A Special Dish Dish That Is Always Fresh And New. "Your Satisfaction Is The Fruit Of Our Dreams"   We Serve The Best Service   Being A Qualified Contractor Exhibition, Experienced, Fast, Precise In Meeting The Needs Of Consumers Produce Stand Design Quality By Creating Works In Accordance With The Development And Desires Of Consumers. Realising A Better Working Relationship With The Consumer And Sustainable As A Partner Creating A Proud Achievement To Uphold Professionalism And Responsibility

Exindo Pratama

Pasti Jaya By CV. Pasti Jaya

Kami Adalah Sebuah Perusahaan Yang Bergerak Di Bidang Kontraktor Spesialisasi Waterprofing, Grouting, Floorhardener, Concrete Repair, Epoxy Floor Dan Pekerjaan Beton Lainnya. Selain Itu Juga Kami Melayani Penjualan Material Untuk Waterprofing Dan Kimia Konstruksi Dari Produk – Produk Ultrachem, Sika Dan Basf Serta Pvc Waterstop Dari Produk Maspion. Wilayah Kerja Kami Adalah Di Seluruh Indonesia Yang Telah Bekerjasama Dengan Berbagai Lini Usaha Mulai Dari Sektor Swasta, Bumd / Bumn, Dan Sektor Pemerintah. Untuk Informasi Lebih Lanjut Mengenai Informasi Perusahaan, Produk, Serta Jasa / Layanan Yang Kami Kerjakan Bisa Menghubungi Kami : Semarang : 024 762 8789 Fax : 024 762 8270 Yogyakarta : 0274 2800494 Fax : 0274 2800 323

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